Bristol IT Server Services
Fast and Stable Hardware
Our servers use the latest Xeon processors, SSD hard drives and 10Gb networking to provide a fast and reliable service for your business. Each server runs either the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server or Linux, to provide the most up to date features and functions. All servers are backed up onto the cloud, and physically onto disk (RDX). Our servers are setup to use the best RAID (50) technology that provides reliability and stability in case of a hard drive crash. We strive to ensure your data will always stay safe!

✅ Latest Intel Multiple Core Xeon processors
✅ Ultra-fast Solid-State hard drives
✅ Hardware RAID configured for protection
✅ Gigabit networking and broadband
✅ Windows Server or Linux operating systems
Bristol IT Server Services
Enterprise Grade Email Systems
All of SMBL's Windows servers have the capability to install and use Microsoft Exchange, an enterprise grade email and scheduling system. From shared mailboxes to public folders, Microsoft Exchange is a very capable solution. We can configure unlimited email accounts for your business, backed up onto the cloud in case of rare server failure. Microsoft Exchange allows you to check your email and calendar from Microsoft Outlook, on any computer or smart phone.

✅ Corporate Microsoft Exchange
✅ Share your emails, contacts & calendars
✅ Accessible from any device
✅ Synchronise your email, contacts & calendar
✅ Secure using the latest malware scanners
Strong Security with Access Control
Using a Windows server, data that is located onsite can be securely stored and accessed, granting permissions to all or certain users, making sure that your information is confidential. New users can be setup in minutes with both a Windows domain account and email account. The Windows server provides remote access capabilities using a secure and encrypted Internet tunnel, so your data can be accessed by approved users anywhere in the world, when outside the office at any time.

✅ Data securely stored and encrypted
✅ Deny users from accessing individual folders
✅ Access granted and denied in minutes
✅ Securely access your data from anywhere
✅ Enforce strong password policies

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