Ultra-fast Hardware
Having an up to date and secure computer networking infrastructure in your business premises will highly benefit you and your employees in day-to-day business tasks. Our networking solutions use the latest gigabit and ten gigabit (fibre) connections, switches and routers, meaning you have faster access to your data and services. We can install an enterprise grade firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) to keep your network secure from hackers and malware.

  • Latest 10 gigabit routers, firewalls and switches
  • Leased line technologies delivering stable and fast Internet connections
  • Intrusion detection and prevention to stop hackers and malware
  • Rackable systems that are stored in a cabinet to stop unauthorised user access
  • Cable management and installation for your servers, computers and devices
Bristol IT Networking Services
Secure Remote Access
Remote access to your business’ internal network and data is an important and useful feature that every business can benefit from. We use secure SSL/IPsec encrypted tunnels to allow authorised access from external laptops/desktops anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. This can also be set up on your employees’ mobile phones, allowing simple and effective access when on the move. Remote access can be assigned and restricted to a set of employees keeping your network safe.

  • Encrypted tunnels across the Internet to prevent ‘snooping’ by hackers
  • Multiple users can use remote access at the same time
  • Grant only certain users or groups to be allowed remote access
  • Disable remote access if an employee leaves the company
  • Company network and data accessible from anywhere using a secure laptop or desktop
Bristol IT Networking Services
Employee and Guest Wi-Fi
When you have multiple employees and you get visits from your clients, they will usually expect to have access to the Internet on their laptops and mobile phones. We use the latest Cisco wireless access points to provide fast and secure connections to the Internet. All guests and some employees are separated onto their own private network (VLAN) that has limited or no access to your main servers and computers, keeping your data confidential and secure.

  • Easily allow employees to connect to the company network and data
  • Give visitors access to the Internet without allowing access to sensitive data
  • Reliable connection with different types of performance and speeds
  • Unlimited VLANs (virtual networks) to segment your network allowing different departments access to allowed resources, such as finance/sales
  • Fully encrypted to the latest standards securing access from hackers