IT Support

If you are looking for a competent and professional company to look after your IT equipment and services, then Secure My Business can provide support that your company deserves. Our engineers can fix most if not all IT support issues that you may experience or come across. Our support team are available all-year round, with no breaks in service for holidays and sickness, for all of our customers. We can provide your company with a weekly/monthly health check for all your systems and components, making sure your company runs at its best. Our maintenance IT support contracts provide not only on demand remote support for any issues you come across but also the following services:

  • Fix broken computers, servers, printers and scanners
  • Remove malware and viruses from infected machines
  • Increase hard drive space by removing temporary files and unwanted software
  • Archiving old and unwanted emails
  • Replacing faulty hard drives and recovering potentially lost files and data
  • Installing the latest Windows, Mac and Linux updates
  • Check daily backups are being performed successfully
  • Checking the email spam filter along with virus protection are both working