Bristol IT Phone Services
Make Phone Calls using the Internet
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology for making phone calls over the internet, without having to have a traditional land line, or ISDN line. We can install both hosted and self-hosted solutions for your phone system, otherwise known as PBXs. We use Yealink VoIP phones that can be deployed for hundreds of users, and also VoIP softphones to route calls from your computer desktop and mobile phones.

✅ Call internal and external phones
✅ Many types of VoIP phones available
✅ Onsite server & hosted packages
✅ Supports hundreds of users and phones
✅ Soft phone for mobile phones
Bristol IT Phone Services
Reduced Cost
VoIP has many advantages over traditional phone systems, including free calls between internal employees, reduced costs from not requiring landlines, and total control over your telephone system. We can setup IVRs, call waiting and forwarding, hunt groups, call blocking and call queuing, making sure you are in control. Our PBX solution uses Linux and Asterisk as their operating system and VoIP modules, which are renowned for their stability and also being cost affective.

✅ Reduced costs compared to landlines
✅ Voice greetings, IVR menus & voicemail
✅ Forward calls from your desk to your mobile
✅ Voicemails emailed to your inbox
✅ Onsite PBXs with the latest VoIP software
Bristol IT Phone Services
Unlimited Minutes Call Packages
Many VoIP packages using SIP connections come with a host of benefits, including unlimited calls both to landlines, mobile phones, and other VoIP users. All internal VoIP connections are secured to stop eavesdropping, and when used outside the business network, are also encrypted. Each employee will have remote access to their own voicemail using a PIN number, giving secure messaging when out of the office. All internal calls can be recorded if required, allowing you to store important calls for security and training purposes.

✅ Unlimited internal and external landline calls
✅ Call mobiles in the UK at a reduced price
✅ Purchase call bundles for international calling
✅ Calls charged by the second not minute
✅ Multiple phone lines for your business

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