As our name suggests, we started our business by providing computer security solutions for the small and medium sized business. We provide onsite and remote assessments either weekly, monthly or on demand. With todays ever threat for your company and data, from hackers to malware, you need to make sure your business is protected. We can assess your network’s risk factor and implement solutions to resolve any weaknesses in your setup. If your business is hacked, you risk not just the theft of your data, but also the deletion of your data, potentially stopping you from continuing your business. The following are security solutions that we provide:

  • Endpoint protection using firewalls and host-based intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
  • Data encryption to stop unwanted employees/hackers from accessing privileged information
  • Hourly or daily backing up your data, servers and critical desktops
  • Stopping phishing attacks targeted at your employees at the gateway before they reach your computers
  • Securing laptops for remote employees by using a two-factor authentication and the latest certified whole PC encryption
  • Installing the latest Windows, Mac and Linux security patches as soon as they are released
  • Testing your external and internal security risk using the latest signatures and venerability scanning tools